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H1 N1 facts revealed from Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur part 1

Dear Health Conscious Friends,
This translation took me a good wile .. but the hours of work was worth it to be able to share with you these facts below on the actions going on (behind the scene) regarding a preparation for forced mass vaccinations, need to be revealed.

I got this new letters as a member of the SCIO Group in Europe (a group of Holistic Health Practitioners and health conscious people all over Europe)

These questions are so awakening /shocking and I am sure you see your self why.

Love and light
p.s you can visit the amazing brave SCIO group your self on there web page
SCIO Group news character
From: Gernot Gauper
To: Sigrid Ribbe

Date: 19 Nov in 2009, 10:03 in
Subject: Group newsletter: G

Preliminary remark:
this letter was submitted by Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur
(just google his name and you find many more information and his Video documentary)

I send you this email from on my own initiative.
This action is in my own interests to inform and is free of charge. In addition, please
You do not need to believe every word I say as I invite you simply, find your own conclusion after reading .

Flu pandemie H1N1:
It remains very little time to inform you and to mobilize you.
I am happy about that you and many more deliberate individuals, have chosen, to dedicate to this dossier to uncover the lies and manipulations going on right now.

This is my part of the engagement.

I ask you to contribute your part to it: spread this information to
all your contacts, about your Blog, your homepage and your Internet addresses.
It is your life, that is at risk.

If you have not received this email directly, you can contact me ,
to receive the next one :
To receive emails:

My dear honored friends, I had promised to you to inform you.
Up to the appearance of my first videocontribution, I write to you. Because it overpowers me.
Because the days are counted. The purpose of this email is in many ways important ?

First: I want to remind you at an unusual congress in Montréal,
that Saturday, 12th September From 9 o'clock to 22 o'clock to 22 o'clock (local time
Montréal) (15 o'clock till 4 o'clock in the morning, European time) took place.

This congress is the first conference for electoral freedom in the matter of health.
As a European you can follow it live , the whole thing happening on-line, (the time zone differences)

If you want to know which subjects this congress will treat, click
please on the connection which announces the event:
http: // v=NbMWPTM2yhs

I know the health-policy from North Americas as well as all over Europe, and
assure you that also Europeans find there a lot of information on there relations.

The names of involved are hidden ! No protection for us ? no one controlled them and no truth is passed on to us .

Of course these are the same pharmaceutical Enterprises, who use unfair and freedom-robbing laws to their benefit.
Corrupted politicians have become puppets and scarecrows.

If you would only know what to expects in the next couple of months, you would prepare yourself . Please read and decide for yourselves ,

To follow this conference. It is quite simply important for your health, your freedom and right to life a health and happy life.
Our and the lives of all others are at risk right now..

To sign up, go to : http: // / conference_flcs_12sept09_webdiffusion.html
And if you still think naively that there is no such thing happening as a Forced mass vaccination ( mass murdering) I can only ask your self , please answer the following questions:

Which I did many times my self in the past couple of months,
since I deal with the dossier of the swine influenza.

The second Purpose of this email is to share with you some of my numerous questions and riddles regarding finding the truth / discern connection with this famous Flu pandemic H1N1 issue we facing right now.

Find your self a conclusions from it.

Crucial for us to know :

Why …. Mrs. Bachelot (health minister in France), in the beginning if this year
February, 2009 has consulted with a group of constitutional -lawyers about a statement of the to be followed question : If a compulsory vaccination was forced on the whole population would it be illegal ? or unconstitutional ?
Her experts responded and calmed the thoughts , no problem because when it appeals to be made as an emergency situation for the state ..( in an unusual position / state crisis) they can go ahead and do it and it would be absolutely justified, for all individuals and the reason stated : To prevent freedom!?
Which freedom I truly ask my self?

Why the World Health Organization(WHO) has already changed the pandemic definition… on the 27th April 2009 ? To be free and act as they like , because the restriction was much harder .
Yes they did this before this crisis started / criteria was expected ?
It looks like they knew more.....?

Now interesting is that , that the illness was expected exactly where the WHO has ( identify the zone) ?
And why was the vaccination formula for this Virus,( well known from „ the Spanish influenza epidemic “ in 1918 ) mysteriously disappeared) until now?

How come the patent of the vaccine was registered long before
the Swine flue (H1N1) reoccurred in 2007.

By which chance president Sarkozy had on the 9th March, 2009 the intuition,
of an investment contract about an amount of 100 million Euros for him
to sign for the construction of a factory for influenza vaccine production?
Note : exactly in Mexico, where (funny enough )the Pandemie had started !
Why no media of the world and no scientific Experts remind us that it is a fact, that from a usual influenza virus every year between 250,000 and 500,000 persons die, these are more than 1,000 dead people per day (these are official # from the WHO)

Why the media every day repeat the announcement, that the virus of
Influenza H1N1 has caused a vast amount of victims , while the
Facts prove that it concerns an easy little influenza (less serious than the usual seasonal influenza), only 2,000 dead people in
more than five months was counted !
The usual influenza would have cause the death ( in the same time Period) of 200,000 dead people !

Why have, in spite of these unimportant death statistics being hyped over ? (2,000 instead of 200,000), are playing all of a sudden a very important role to give them the right/ reason to order hundreds of millions of vaccine boxes getting ready to be injected .from June, 2009?

Differently formulated, and why they all of a sudden have this urge to act even this year where the influenza numbers went significantly down/ less dramatic than in the past couple years?

Which facts can justify such decisions they make right now ?

Why the change of such important laws (exception laws/martial laws) , without the contents of these laws being announced to the public?

Why the Minister l'Intérieur Français has called up all reservists from the Army and from the gendarmerie already in February, 2009
because of (I quote) , "of a possible serious social revolt , eventually occurring at end of summer in 2009 " (September)?

Why the American army became recently activated in many different states of the United States?

Why they have established /built during the last years more than 800 concentration camps in the United States (they are all empty at this moment)?

Why are they by the FEMA (Federal Emergency management Agency) administered, ?
Prepared for the big disasters in each territory ( like they where used for the Hurricane Katrina victims)?

Why hundred thousands of coffins was deposited in all American States
, and why they dig out huge community-pits in every district ?

Why 600 British neurologists have on the 29th July, 2009 meeting behind close doors and received Letters from the Health Protection Agency (HPA), inviting them to become, especially aware / pay attention to a drastic increase of the Guillain Barré syndrome (the heaviest degenerative nervous disease, often caused from side effects of Vaccinations )?
And why the same agency has renounced it,
To warn the population which is supposed to "profit" from this vaccination campaign?

How does it happen , that we never heard that on the 5th March, 2009 the company Baxter (accidentally ) contaminated 72 kg Vaccine Materials with the viruses H5N1 of the bird Flu and H3N2 usual influenza were mixed, before they were sent into 6 different third world countries .
How can such a thing happen in a high standard high security Laboratories .?
It is very unlikely that it was an accident .

Near like impossible more likely deliberately organized .
This information came to me and was confirmed from a Biology Doctor I know.

15) Why no one tells us, that the vaccine against the influenza, for the past 40 years, has no positive effect ( never had ) on the ailment they were vaccinated for ?
An international study has proved, that the inoculated ones got more often the influenza than the Non-inoculated.!

Why has the fact been ignored, that more people die (who got Vaccinated ,) in 1918, as the non vaccinated Persons of the Spanish influenza epidemic ?
It became significantly clear that people die from the vaccinations and not from the influenza!!

If the vaccines (as they stated ) has only a few side effects, how will the Health authorities explain to us then the shocking results of the number of Multiple sclerosis increased in France from 25,000 up to 85,000 after the campaign of the vaccination against hepatitis B ?

I see nobody mentioned here that it also has the HIV virus !
Check on google : WHO killed Africa by the way this is not a question !

Why it is concealed, that all epidemics of the 20 th century came from
previous vaccination campaigns.?

Why did the authorities allow that in the new vaccine against the influenza H1N1 the substance Squelien ( highly toxic) will be added in a extremely high amount ?
Even clearly declared from the Supreme Court a couple of year ago, being responsible for the a terrible Syndrom of the Golf war which has cause over 180 000 sickened in the Golf War ( that was approx .25% of the Solders ) after they got the Anthrax Vaccination with Spualen in it ?
Besides, is to be reminded , that the Squalen was banded from a Federal High Court judge in the year of 2004!

Why are the first targets to be vaccinated pregnant women and children, while previously mostly older people were targeted?

They stated , that all of a sudden they would have an immune memory of the Spanish Influenza from 1918 ?!

Why all of a sudden do they use voluntary students and soldiers entrusted/ trained to be responsible in the actualization of a compulsive vaccination …….not the doctors?

Why no doctor and no hospital can be dispensers of the vaccines them selves ? Do they fear false identity cards?
Why 50% of the Medical professionals in England say that they would reject the vaccination on themselves?
They would never let there family be inoculated with these new vaccines, because they do no trust in them.
Preparatory procedures are in place for what ?
Why the Tamiflu vaccine is still highly recommended as the antiviral? It efficiently showed completely the opposite effect ( fatal ) during all the campaigns of this product. It showed itself as catastrophically ineffective.
Also nobody told us that this medicament causes numerous serious psychological and neural disturbances. Frequent cases of suicides have been recorded from those who have been vaccinated with it!
Why the health authorities, who actually are here to protect us from harm and insure our wellbeing actually permit that a new vaccine type be created (these are her words) ?
Intentionally they use us (more then hundred million ) as guinea pigs
without respecting ( following ) the strict regulations( test protocols
As a result they come on the market ( already in hundreds of thousand people injected)! without being properly tested !

I could go on for hours with more questions, But I stop now, because any of those
would result in the same direction.
We are running out of time. Now is the time to act !
Time, for all of you to review the articles of the public press (moons, Le Figaro,
Daily post, the Sunday newspaper etc.), the official sides (from OMS, from Baxter,
from Aventis, from Sanofi-Pasteur etc.) and the vaccination-recommending scientists to get your own opinion and start learning to read between the lines !
Which I have done too and questioned and have consulted!
All the results will be published till the end November on my Internet pages.
Note: All questions, above; came to my mind by reading more officially, publicly to all accessible documents! These are no assertions, calculations or theories !

It is a big conspiracy!

It is time (urgently) that you ask your self these questions too.
And come to your own conscious conclusions.

For my part I have done this to prevent harm from us and our children . And I hope that I made my self clear enough that I am committed to continue , as long as they do not stop me ( try to shut me down) you will hear from me more .

God be with you.
Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur

part 2 will follow
quote of the day:
"When we take control of our mental state by deliberately choosing our thoughts and attitudes, we can alter the meaning we associate to the experiences we have and results we see in our life."
Clayton J. Moore